Carpathians - hotel "NIKOLETTA", Bukovel - Summer 2017

Rest in Carpathians in the winter

How well did you have time to relax in the summer? Perhaps you spent the summer at sea, and maybe at the country? In short, rested! One problem - summer is long over, and how I would like to take a break from work, city bustle!.. So why in the midst of... Read More

Travelling with children in the Carpathians

Travelling with children to the Carpathians is a great choice. If you want to admire the beauty of the mountains, breathe fresh air, communicate with very hospitable people, then you are here - in the Carpathians. Carpathians - a wonderful corner of Ukrainian nature with fantastic landscapes: mountains covered ... Read More

Autumn in Carpathians

Do you want to hide from the city noise, everyday hustle and bustle, hide from anxiety and sadness? Then you just need to go to the Carpathians! Walk through the autumn forest, enjoy nature and the purest air! And then all the problems and complexities that seemed before ... Read More