Bukovel for you

Bukovel - one of the most famous tourist resorts of the Carpathians, located near the village Polyanytsya. Favorable geographical location - surrounded by an amphitheater Bukovel beautiful mountains, creates favorable conditions for recreation in Bukovele. Unique climatic conditions, extraordinary beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, beautiful landscapes, as well as sources Mineral waters attracted to rest and treatment in Bukovele large number of tourists.
Bukovel resort - holiday that perfectly combines superb conditions for sports and fun day with peace and quiet. Those who once came to rest in the mountains (Bukovel), in this corner fabulously snowy winter, who wandered through the first spring thawed who breathe in the crystal clear air, returning to Bukovel again and again. Tourism Bukovele good at any time of the year, but primarily considered Bukovel ski resort, so the best time of his visit - the winter months.

Bukovel: Winter Activities.
The winter season lasts from November to May. Mountain lovers from all over the world come to stay in gornolozhny Bukovele to skate their skills or just enjoy an active winter holiday Bukovele. Bukovel - one of the best ski resorts with excellent facilities for a comfortable ride. On ski holiday in Bukovele large number of tourists waiting for the snow slopes: for beginners and experienced skiers. Those who crave adrenaline on ski holiday in Bukovele wait extreme virgin slopes. For children ski school and instructors. All slopes oseschayutsya that allows you to ride in the evening. In addition, the ski holiday in Bukovele services tourists comfortable lifts - chairlifts platter. For children and beginners there is a loader. Also snowboards and skiing, your ski holidays in Bukovele can vary sledding and ice skating. But the most important thing is that there is always snow Bukovele. Trails are located on the groomers equipped with snow cannons and retraction. So if you want to get a real winter, breathe fresh air and spend an active holiday in winter - Bukovel - what you need! The resort is the amount of entertainment that will not be bored. Winter Holidays (Bukovel) - skis, boards, sleds, skates and a lot of positive emotions!

Bukovel: summer vacation, spring and autumn
Bukovel - this resort, which is no bad weather, that is, even in bad weather it is beautiful. Summer holidays in Bukovele - green meadows and forests, blue lakes and majestic mountains. Bukovel summer is a popular destination for mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Tourism Bukovele autumn - this bright colors, scents of herbs and flowers. Autumn in Bukovele - this berry and mushroom picking, fishing, horseback riding. Tourism spring (Bukovel) - this fascinating tourist routes and excursions, rafting and much more.

Bukovel: vacation, prices, housing
The first thing we must take care to stay, it is certainly accommodation. In Bukovele, the services of tourist offers a wide choice of accommodation. The resort and its suburbs are a large number of seats for private holidaymakers Bukovele - cottages, manor hotel, hotels and mini-hotels. Many have saunas, baths, cafes, bars, kolyby, ski equipment rental. The cost of staying in Bukovele depends on several factors. First, proximity to ski lifts, the closer, the more expensive. Second season: summer prices are low, the winter holidays in Bukovele - prices are high. Third, the level of housing. But regardless of the level of wealth, each at the resort will be able to find a suitable accommodation. We recommend that you pay attention to our hotel - the main advantage of the hotel villas «Nikoletta» - proximity to the Bukovelya 800 meters from the best slopes and lifts, allowing you to visit all the descents and all Bukovel. In the neighborhood convenient transportation. For example, only 5 minutes drive to the center takes Bukovelya. We offer our guests 29 comfortable rooms, each of which is beautifully decorated in a modern style, where you can really feel comfortable. Villa «Nikoletta» - is a good variant of inexpensive and comfortable stay in Bukovele! We care about our guests are always open to dialogue.

Tourism Bukovele - this perfect weather all year round, various national festivals and interesting excursions. Tours, Recreation (Bukovel) opens holiday travelers benefit of the soul and body.

Winter in Bukovele

The ski resort of Bukovel offers a variety of services and entertainment to fans of winter sports.

Summer in Bukovele

In summer, hiking and horseback riding, tennis courts, mountain bicycles are in demand here.

Autumn in Bukovel

You want to escape from the hustle, bustle and everyday problems, you just need to go to the Carpathians!